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Dr. Stefan Tarlow

Stefan D. Tarlow, MD, a premier “knees only” specialist, serves the Greater Phoenix area from offices in Scottsdale and Mesa. Dr. Tarlow is the only orthopedic surgeon in Arizona that limits his practice to the treatment of knee injury and disease (teens and adults). Doctor Tarlow is Arizona’s first and most experienced Makoplasty Knee surgeon. Dr. Tarlow is a leader in same day/outpatient Partial and Total Knee Replacement. Patients and colleagues acknowledge Stefan D. Tarlow, MD as one of the top Knee Replacement Surgeons in our state. He is a Board-Certified orthopedic surgeon who has focused on the diagnosis and treatment of routine and complex knee-related problems for 20 + years. Doctor Tarlow is committed to remaining at the forefront of his field through lifelong learning. His clinic team offers exceptional patient care with individual service.!

Additionally, Stefan D. Tarlow, MD, has extensive experience in knee arthroscopic surgery, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction and cartilage restoration.  He is a Dr. James R. Andrews fellowship trained Arizona Sports Medicine knee specialist.

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Makoplasty Robotics

Dr. Tarlow utilizes the world’s most advanced orthopedic robotic arm and software system to return your knee’s natural motion and feel. Learn More

Total Knee Replacement

State of the art TKR means less pain, swelling, and bleeding for quicker recovery & faster return back to a normal, active life. Learn More

ACL Reconstruction

We practice the most current, proven and safe approaches to ACL Reconstruction available to achieve the most desirable patient outcomes. Learn More

Knee Arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is one of the most common orthopedic surgeries performed at hospitals and outpatient surgical centers. Learn More

Knee Cartilage Repair

The ideal treatment for any knee injury or disease is a biologic treatment that can restore the knee to a near normal state. Learn More


Subchondroplasty Procedure offers joint sparing treatment option for Osteoarthritis Patients with knee pain.Learn More

Advanced Knee Care is Patient Focused

At Advanced Knee Care, we understand that our patients are best served by individualized treatment and rehabilitation programs developed around their personal needs.

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Doctor Tarlow on Knees, The Lighter Side

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An Award Winning Blog with insights from a Scottsdale Knee Surgeon with 20+ years of practical experience specializing in the treatment of knee injuries and disease.

Testimonials From Our Patients

A New Life

by Andrew Then on Nov 17th, 2013
Because of Dr. Tarlow I am now able to walk without significant pain. I went to him for a second opinion and he said that I needed a partial knee replacement. He specializes in robotic surgery and it is the best thing that I ever did. After one week I was walking without a cane and back to work 13 days later. The best thing of all is that the excruciating pain that I suffered for months is gone. If anyone has a knee problem, he is the one to see as he has helped people, without surgery, to get better.


by Tom M. on May 2nd, 2013
Dr. Tarlow and the entire office staff have been fantastic to work with. I had done quite a bit of research on knee replacement and had decided to check on having Makoplasty done. I saw Dr. Tarlow in his Mesa office and he was very up front and honest with me. If I wanted to have the surgery done and have it last I needed to lose 20 pounds. I changed the eating habits that I have needed to do for along time. 6 weeks after my initial consult the procedure was done. I walked out of Thompson Peak Surgical Ceneter with the aid of a walker 6 hours after surgery. I had surgery 9 days ago and had my post op check up today. Staple are removed and I will have steri strips for another week or so. I've been to PT twice and they are amazed with where I am. I went from the walker to a cane in 5 days. The cane will be gone in a couple of days, I will be in PT for about 3 more weeks. I'm driving myself to work tomorrow and plan on golf soon. This surgery is an amazing procedure and Dr. Tarlow and his team have been great. If the other knee has to be done at some point I would not have anyone else do it for me.

FP Doc, High Altitude Alpine Climber

Oct 18th, 2012
After literally thousands of miles hiking and backpacking, uncountable hours in the gym, and 10's of thousands of feet of vertical elevation on mountains on multiple continents I finally wore out the lateral compartment on my right knee. The pain was like I had been speared in the back of the knee on the descents. Replacing the parts of the knee that weren't broken made no sense. Makoplasty made total sense. Dr. Tarlow and his staff were the best from start to finish. I know he is highly skilled and expert in this procedure. I received all the time I needed and even though I new what he was talking about he took the time to explain the details to my wife. She was not a "third person" in the exam room. After over 30 years of practice I think I can separate superior and average physicians and superior and average results. Superior on both counts. As a patient, you have a responsibility for the success of your outcome. You follow the rules, you fight through the pain, you go to physical therapy and you invest in your recovery. You have to want to be better. Dr Tarlow will get you back to the point where you have something to work with. Wishing I could give a 5 star rating.

Very Rude!

Jul 31st, 2013
Doctor's Response
Patient health optimization is a critical component in treating people with knee arthritis. Surgery is too risky in certain situations. The message is simple - Lower Body Mass Index to below 35, along with daily low impact exercise. This empowers my patients take control of their own health. I am objective and factual in helping my obese patients receive the best care directed to treat their disease. I do my best to help all patients. I strive to deliver a difficult message to this sub group of patients in a professional manner. My goal is to help any person that is receptive to this message.

I had my appointment with Dr. Tarlow today. It was the worst experience I have ever had with a Doctor. From the second he walked into the room I felt discriminated against for being on the heavy side. He does not like dealing with overweight people and clearly does not believe we deserve the same care as people who are not overweight. He was extremely rude and made me feel worthless. If I could put negative stars I would!

Total knee replacement

by Bill Fenster on Nov 27th, 2012
Dr Tarlow's goal in surgery is to line up the knee perfectly. He did. I stood on my new knee the day of surgery, I went home the next day, I quit the pain pills two days later, it's now my two week anniversary and I am walking with a cane and can put my full weight on the leg. Dr. Tarlow gets 10 outta 10 from me.

Two Total Knee Replacements

Jul 17th, 2012
Dr Tarlow was the best Dr. for my knee surgery. He encouraged me too the point that I was excited about the future of my knees and health. I had my first surgery on the 23rd of May and three weeks later I had surgery on the other knee. It is know 11 weeks from the original surgery and I am very pleased with the outcome. Dr Tarlow has become almost like a younger brother. He has treated me with respect and is very professional.Ed Kesner, Mesa, Az.

ACL Reconstruction

Sep 4th, 2011
I am a 54 yr old male who completely tore my right ACL and meniscus. Dr. Tarlow was an amazing doctor throughout the process - from reviewing and consulting with me and my MRI on options, preparing for surgery, performing the surgery, and post op follow-ups. My knee is doing great now. He answered all my many questions, and was able to explain things to me in lay terms. He has so much experience with knees that he is able to answer and explain all the scenarios. If my children or wife needed knee surgery (or my other knee), he is the doctor I would send them to.

Feel young again

Jan 19th, 2012
I had a partial knee a few years ago and just had it replaced with a total and it's been great. Surgery and recovery time was two months and I am now back to teaching 13 fitness classes a week. It has been great......I feel young again and Dr Tarlow is the reason. He is an amazing Dr that made everything easy to understand and I would trust him with both my knees if I had to.

Best knee doc ever

Jul 28th, 2011
I'm a nurse and procrastinated for way too long in dealing with my right knee. I researched doctors all over the US and was so excited to finally find Dr. Tarlow. I can't believe anyone would find his bedside manner rude, as a nurse I know rude doctors and Dr. Tarlow is anything but. He's one of the most caring, kind, doctors I've ever seen. I trusted him totally and I can't say that about many others. He did a partial knee replacement when many others don't even do the procedure. I'd travel from anywhere to see him if I need him again, awesome doctor!!!!

Best Knee Doctor in Arizona

Jul 7th, 2011
Dr. Tarlow was the second orthopaedic surgeon who I saw after I destroyed my knee in a white water accident. On my first visit with Dr. Tarlow, he spent a considerable amount of time with me diagnosing my knee problem, explaining to me in great detail the damage done, and also explaining the course of action that needed to be taken. I had major knee surgery on 12/6/10 to repair my badly damaged knee (3 incisions, 44 staples, and 3 orthoscopic holes). Dr. Tarlow did a fantastic job, and after 7 months of physical therapy I have resumed all of my normal activities. I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to run again, but Dr. Tarlow had no doubt in his mind. Dr. Tarlow is very straight forward doctor. If you're the type of person that needs your hand held, then Dr. Tarlow might not be the right doctor for you. I'm a very driven individual and am determined to get back to 100%. With Dr. Tarlow's help, I believe that I'm almost there.

Dr. Tarlow is by far the best

by Kim Sizemore on Mar 31st, 2014

I have had 12 surgeries on my right knee & 3 total knee replacements in 4.5 years. Of all of the surgeons I've had experience with Dr. Tarlow is by far the best. With his incredible bedside manner & his natural caring of people he has made dealing with my issues so much easier. Dr. Tarlow's wonderful, caring nature he has made it so much easier to get down this tough road. I don't know what I would do without his care & support. If you're looking for a wonderful surgeon who actually cares about you I wouldn't recommend anyone but him.

Kim S.

More Than Just an Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. T,

You have been a beacon on a long and arduous journey. Thank you so much for your unwavering support. Also, both my artificial knees are doing well.

Total Knee Patient
May, 2014

After Dirt Bike Crash Knee Nearly Good As New

From a twenty one year old dirt bike rider that sustained multiple knee ligament tears, tibial plateau fracture and displaced meniscal tear from a hard crash. This injury require a 2 stage surgical repair.

Dr. Tarlow,

As I have recovered and started to return back to my normal activities I have felt overwhelmed with gratitude for what you did to restore my knee. I know that I have complained along the way but I truly am so grateful for the work and care that you and your team put into reconstructing my knee. Being physically active brings me so much joy that I don't even want to try to imagine all the "what-ifs" that could have occurred. I have enjoyed meeting with you over the past couple of years. Thank you for being such a man of integrity and a phenomenal surgeon. You are a blessing lives.

Alyson W. P.
March, 2014

Best knee doc!

Best knee doc I have ever had! Dr. Tarlow performed a partial knee replacement on my left knee April 2013. Was up the next day doing physical therapy. 1 week later I mowed the lawn. Three weeks out I was riding my bike and two months post operative I was playing golf.

Thanks for giving me a new lease on life. I feel great and back to doing activities that I missed due to arthritic pain in my knee from a high school skiing injury on Mt. Hood, Oregon.

I highly recommend, Dr. Stefan Tarlow....Go Oregon Ducks!

Steve Ramsthel
Scottsdale, AZ.

A Happy Couple – 2 New Makoplasty Patients

On June 2, 2014 the two of us had Makoplasty Robotic Arm Partial Knee Resurfacing done at Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak. Both Eli's and my surgery were performed by Dr. Stefan Tarlow that morning. We came home the next day and have done a lot of physical therapy together, both at home and at an outpatient facility in Mesa. Dr. Tarlow evaluated us and confirmed we were good prospects for this procedure when we had met him earlier at his Mesa office. This procedure causes much less damage to the knee joint and this has resulted in our recovery being fast and good. We are very pleased we went this route instead of a full knee replacement. Maybe this new way of taking care of knee problems can help you, too.

Alvin G.

Ed. -- Alvin (95 y/o) and Eli(a lot younger) are a couple from Leisure World. They each had Makoplasty Partial Knee Resurfacing done on the same day. They recovered together and wanted to share their story.

Life is ​Back to ​Normal

Hello doctor Tarlow.​ ​ M​y name is Antonio P. ​ I was your patient​ 3 years ago. ​ I had knee surgery ​(lateral Makoplasty)​ with you and I am really happy​. ​ ​M​y knee is in very good condition​. ​ I can run ​and I ​do exercises​. ​ ​M​y life is ​back to ​normal. ​ I thank you so much​. ​ ​Y​ou did an excellent job with me​. ​ ​B​elieve me​ when​ I ​say I never thought my knee ​would ever be ​so good. ​ ​T​hank you so much again.

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