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Born, raised and educated in Portland, Oregon. I spent most of the first 49 years of my life in Oregon, including 9 years of medical training and 17 years of private practice Orthopedic Surgery. We left Oregon for Arizona in August of 2005 after our youngest son left home for college. I also left behind the requirement to cover hospital emergency rooms. I wanted a more normal life and more free time away from the hospital.

Advanced Knee Care, P.C (my current medical practice) and Arizona has proved to be an excellent place to work and live. Many friendly and happy people, plus I get to bed at a normal time and have weekends off. Stefan D. Tarlow, MD is a Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon with 20+ years experience specializing in surgery of the knee. Dr. Tarlow’s formal training and proficiency is in ACL reconstruction and the treatment of sports knee injuries. Guided by the principles of specialty patient care and individual service he opened his own AZ clinic, Advanced Knee Care, in September of 2008.


Stefan D. Tarlow, M.D. is the original “Knees Only” Orthopedic Surgeon in Arizona.

Dr. Tarlow is the only Orthopedic Surgeon to limit his practice to encompass Adult Reconstruction and Sports Medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of knees. Dr. Tarlow’s practice focuses on excelling in the art of Knee Diagnosis and Surgery. He performs the full spectrum of Knee Surgery from Knee Arthroscopy, ACL Reconstruction, Patellar Stabilization and Cartilage Restoration to Makoplasty Partial Knee Replacement to Total Knee Replacement to Revision Total Knee Replacement. His focus is exceptional customer service and he endeavors to exceed the diverse expectations of his patients.

Dr. Tarlow is Arizona’s most practiced and well-versed Makoplasty surgeon with over 475 cases as of February, 2017.

Dr. Tarlow is one of Arizona’s leaders in same day/outpatient Makoplasty and Total Knee Replacement. Advanced strategies for pain management and evolving technologies with surgical protocols allow many patients to go home directly from the recovery room. This fast approaching new standard in Total and Partial Knee Replacement has the advantages of no hospital stay, sleeping in your own bed, and pain medication on demand at your bedside. This fast track back to your own home keeps people in their normal routines with faster return to normal life and work. Same day joint replacement has been enthusiastically embraced by our patients. SurgCenter of Greater Phoenix is Arizona’s first Outpatient Total Joint Center with the Makoplasty Robot for partial knee replacement (and anterior robotic hip replacement surgery by Dr. Tarlow’s colleagues at the center).

Tarlow on Knees

Dr. Tarlow’s blog provides personal thoughts about the treatment of knee injuries and disease, answers to FAQs, and occasional insights into the practice of medicine and gratification of patient care.


  • Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon


  • Orthopaedic Surgery Residency: Orthopaedic Surgery Residency , Portland, Oregon Sports
  • Medicine Fellowship: Dr. James Andrews, Birmingham, Alabama
  • Knee Surgery Fellowship: Dr. Jan Gillquist, Sweden


  • SurgCenter of GreaterPHX
  • HonorHealth Thompson Peak

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