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Patients are looking for distinguished surgeons to bring first-rate surgical care in a one-on-one setting, which is an appropriate expectation.

Stefan D. Tarlow, M.D.

Meet Dr. Tarlow

Phoenix' Leading Robotic Makoplasty Surgeon with Over
25 Years of Experience: "WE STRAIGHTEN CROOKED KNEES"

The blueprint for providing exceptional patient care with outstanding outcomes is personal treatment with direct access to your physician. This is a guiding principle that Stefan Tarlow, M.D. has used to evolve Advanced Knee Care into a leading practice in the Valley.

After 25+ years of surgery (too many cases to count- and not enough cases to want to stop innovating and perfecting), Dr. Tarlow has developed a reputation of being the leading orthopedic knee surgeon in the Valley with over 1100 robotic assisted Makoplasty surgeries cases through March, 2021. His practice is unique because his surgical expertise includes the spectrum from Sports Medicine Knee to Joint Replacement Knee - Knee Arthroscopy, Knee ACL / Ligament Reconstruction Surgery, Knee Regeneration, Partial/Total/Revision Knee replacement, Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery.

His successes are the result of providing one-on-one treatment to ensure personalized care and total patient satisfaction.

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About the Practice

Individualized Treatment and Rehabilitation Programs


Each treatment program is custom tailored for the individual patient


Each patient is supported with referrals to top physical therapists in the community


Communication with your physician is a top priority (phone or electronic)

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Video Testimonials

College gymnast 2 years after Dr. Tarlow ACL reconstruction knee.

Jaedyn Rucker, 2021 Pac 12 Floor Champion!

Art still hold the record at 11 feet after a Makoplasty knee replacement by Dr Stephen Tarlow.

Art Parry - Indoor World Record in Vault for the 70-74 age group

Shawn's performance coming to the plate, just a few months after right and left Makoplasty knee replacement.

Shawn Montoya Softball At-Bat

What Our Patients are Saying

“I have always enjoyed being active. As a former athlete, I was in shape, but my beat up knee was holding me back from enjoying life to the fullest. At 54, I finally decided to have a knee replacement. I spent over a year talking with physical therapists and other health care professionals to find the best technician for my surgery. I wanted a precise implant fit from a surgeon that had extensive experience. My search led me to Dr. Stefan Tarlow. His outpatient technique utilizes robotic technology and a cementless knee to ensure a quick and complete recovery. I didn’t want cement added to my knee to fill in the voids; I wanted the right implant fitted correctly.

The out-patient surgery went well and I was appreciative that I did not have to spend several nights at the hospital. I was back at home that same afternoon. It was clean and I was comfortable. I was actively hiking and biking within two months and when the snow fell, I was skiing hard in Colorado within six months.

If you are like me and are not ready to slow down, I would direct you to Dr. Tarlow. He has performed over 900 robotic-assisted total knee replacements. When you combine experience with technology, only then will you have a winning combination.”

Jeff Van Raaphorst - 1987 ASU Rose Bowl Champion

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