FEE SCHEDULE 2024 (updated 1/2024)

In Office Services

New Patient Consult with exam/knee xray, In Office Service - 60 minutes $450

4 View Knee X-ray (per knee), In Office Service $50

Follow up Office Visit with exam -30 minutes (xray included) -For previous Office/Surgical Patient of Dr. Tarlow $150

Platelet Rich Plasma injection (1 knee), In Office Service      $750

Platelet Rich Plasma injection (2 knees), In Office Service      $850

Knee injection with steroid, In Office Service $100

Surgical Services

( Dr. Tarlow fees - does not include facility, anesthesia, assistant surgeon)

Mako Robotic Total Knee Replacement     Standard $10,000, Complex case fee TBD

MAKO Robotic Unicompartmental Knee Replacement     $9,000

Anterior Cruciate (ACL) Reconstruction (includes meniscal treatment)   $3,500

Knee Arthroscopy (meniscal tear, chondroplasty, loose body )  $2,000

*All Inclusive Cash Fees: “One Fee Pricing”

Total Fee listed in box to the right. Delivery of Care at SurgCenter of Greater Phoenix (Ambulatory Surgery Center). Surgeon Fee to Advanced Knee Care, PC. and Facility + Anesthesia + Knee implant fee to GPHX (credit/cash/check paid prior to services). Email Dr. Tarlow with questions.

MAKO Robotic Unicompartmental Knee Replacement –    $24,160 (includes Surgeon $9,000)

Mako Robotic Total Knee Replacement-     $25,160 (includes Surgeon $10,000)

Anterior Cruciate (ACL) Reconstruction + ACL fixation     $14,000 (includes Surgeon $3,500)

Knee Arthroscopy
(menisectomy, chondroplasty, microfracture, Loose Body)   $5,377 (includes Surgeon $2000)

Fees includes Surgeon, Assistant Surgeon, Anesthesia and Standard Implant cost. Fees do not include “Home Health”, Durable Medical equipment, outpatient physical therapy, inpatient acute rehabilitation, take home medications, readmission for treatment of adverse events, or inpatient treatment for another diagnosis (such as heart disease, pneumonia,etc). Email Dr. Tarlow with questions.

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