HYALOFAST® is a one-step procedure to help regrow cartilage. It has been in use since 2009 in Europe and is now part of a clinical research study in the US.


This study could be for you.

If you are between the ages of 18 to 60 years with articular cartilage injury of the knee, you may qualify for the FastTRACK Study. Each applicant will be evaluated to determine their eligibility. Those who qualify may elect to have the procedure, study-related medical exams, and post-procedure rehabilitation at no charge.


Chondral and osteochondral lesions are notoriously difficult to treat due to the poor healing capacity of articular cartilage. In fact, the ultimate destiny of such lesions, if left untreated, is disabling pain and osteoarthritis. Hyalofast® is a biodegradable, hyaluronan-based (HYAFF®) scaffold for one-step surgical treatment of chondral and osteochondral defects.

Hyalofast® is intended for the repair of chondral or osteochondral lesions, acting as a support for mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) from bone marrow aspirate or as a chondroprotective coverage which favors in situ residence of mesenchymal stem cells after their mobilization due to micro-fracture and/or perforation procedures.

minimally invasive TKR


The study will conduct a screening period, a treatment procedure, and a post-procedure rehabilitation and a period for follow-up. The period for screening may last up to 60 days prior to randomization. Once randomized, patients are then treated with a microfracture comparator treatment or the one-step Hyalofast® procedure. Patients will participate in six follow-up clinical visits after the procedure.


Articular cartilage injuries cause a particular type of knee pain. The base of the three bones in the knee joint are covered with what is known as articular cartilage – it's a tough, elastic material that aids in absorbing shock and allows the knee joint to move freely. For many, time and an active lifestyle can cause additional erosion of the cartilage, creating lesions, which can create an unbalance in the intricate design of the joint.

If these lesions occur, the joint could become inflamed and painful. If they become large enough, the bone underneath the cartilage will lose its protection. When pressure or strain on the unprotected portion of the bone occurs, it will become an uncomfortable source of pain in and around the knee. Often, patients that have this injury experience swelling and pain of the knee joint, locking of the knees, and experience dull pain around the kneecap when climbing stairs or walking up or down hills.

How the FastTRACK Study may help.

The FastTRACK Study is currently evaluating the safety and effectiveness of the Hylofast one-step procedure to help regrow cartilage in the knee to reduce pain in those suffering from this condition.

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