Yes, Doctor Tarlow Does Knee Replacement Surgery for Medicare Recipients

Medicare Recipients : Dr. Tarlow wants to replace your knee and get you back to your normal life.

Medicare Recipients: Choosing Dr. Tarlow means you are choosing one of Arizona’s most recognized and experienced Robotic Knee Replacement surgeons. Your procedure will be performed at an Ambulatory Surgery Center that is in network for Medicare (ASC facility with the Mako surgical robot from Stryker- either Integrated Surgical Services or SurgCenter of Greater Phoenix). You will receive personalized and direct treatment from your “knees only” surgeon. He's a sole practitioner, with a single-minded goal that focuses on your speedy and complete recovery.

As a patient, you count on your knee replacement surgeon to perform a technically perfect procedure using modern techniques and long-lasting brand-name implants. You should anticipate the outcome will be successful and your knee will function similar to your natural knee (*).


Choosing Dr. Tarlow as your surgeon will help you attain this desired result. 30 years of experience as a specialized Knee Surgeon makes him a leader among Arizona Knee Replacement Surgeons. He embodies lifelong learning and adopts proven cutting-edge technology (eg. Robotic Joint Replacement, Outpatient Joint Replacement, Multimodal Pain Management) to keep his treatment options avant-garde yet in the mainstream. His clinical outcomes are evidence that his progressive methodology results in excellent patient outcomes, high patient satisfaction, and low rates of adverse events. His bedside manner is welcoming and his patients review him favorably. Select a respected and highly sought-after surgeon to replace your knee.



He believes computer-based planning and surgical robotics have revolutionized joint replacement surgery in the best ways possible. Stefan D. Tarlow, M.D. has been using robots for joint replacement surgery since 2011. He is the second most experienced joint replacement robotic surgeon in Arizona. He is a surgical consultant for Stryker Robotics, training and certifying his orthopedic colleagues on the intricacies of using a surgical


Doctor Tarlow’s surgeon fee covers the professional fee for the replacement surgery, and one year of professional follow-up from Dr. Tarlow. This fee is not covered by Medicare; you pay Dr. Tarlow directly.


Choose him to be YOUR surgeon. The facility fee (ASC or Hospital), Anesthesiologist, Physical Therapist, Medication, and most imaging studies are covered and paid for by Medicare when you choose Dr. Tarlow as your surgeon.


Dr. Tarlow is confident that you will be happy with his care and have successful joint replacement surgery. If an unfavorable outcome requires medically necessary knee treatment in the first year after your replacement that service may or may not require an additional fee - this is determined on an individual basis. While it is not possible to predict adverse events know that my goal is patient satisfaction.


Dr. Tarlow’s professional fee ranges from $9,000 - $12,000 for your knee replacement (varies per patient, per procedure type - uni - usually $9,000, total - usually $10,000, revision knee replacement- usually $12,000).

Dr. Tarlow wants to meet the needs of his patients. If you can not afford the direct pay fee, he will reduce his professional fee so that you may receive the care that is medically indicated.


Receive Care from Your Surgeon, Not the Insurer

By choosing your surgeon and paying his professional fee, you deal directly with your care provider, take treatment decisions out of the hands of a third party, and eliminate the need for an insurance company. Bring back the Doctor: Patient relationship!

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*no surgeon can claim absolute perfection. Surgical complications outside of human control can and do happen infrequently. Examples are surgical site infections, DVT, Knee Stiffness, knee instability and neurovascular events.
#initial exam professional fee of $250 will be deducted from surgeon fee.
Updated September 2022