Healthcare financial charges can be confusing; please read the below information and call us if you have any questions.


Financial Information

Medical billing can be confusing to you, the patient. You are receiving bills from the surgeon, hospital, anesthesia and physical therapy. In addition, if in my judgment an assistant surgeon was required to assist with your procedure you will receive a statement from my surgical assistant, Steve Cocking, PA-C.

Many times you will have met this man either prior to or after your surgical procedure. Mr. Cocking (Scottsdale Surgical Assistants) owns his small business and as such will bill you directly but separate from your other providers.

Do not be alarmed at the “charged fee” in all cases. In most cases the assistant’s actual fee is 12-15% of the allowed surgeon’s fee. Mr. Cocking is a preferred provider on some plans and out of network on other plans.

I ONLY use this assistant surgeon and will not alter my normal operating procedure to find an unfamiliar assistant to help me with a highly technical procedure. I realize that at times my assistant is out of network, but that can not be helped. Mr. Cocking (602) 618-0140 (cell) is available to explain to you his out of network payment policy. His out of network policy is fair and reasonable. Call him directly.

The services of a skilled assistant are vital to an optimal surgical outcome and I am pleased to be able to say Steve Cocking is the finest assistant surgeon I have been professionally associated with. Please be sure to fairly compensate this man for his fine work.


The mission of Advanced Knee Care is to provide you with high quality health care. Our relationship with you is our first priority. As a physician, I want to emphasize my professional and financial relationship is with you, my patient, and not your insurance company. It is expected that you, our patient, will reciprocate and fulfill all financial obligations for the care I provide you.

Payment for Services: A pledge of Honesty

Advanced Knee Care will bill your insurance for all office visits and surgeries. You pay any portion not covered by your insurance (see financial agreement document).  Be responsible and honest when the time comes to pay your financial obligation.  We collect outstanding balances once insurance benefits have been processed.

If we are a participating provider for your insurance we will file your claim for you. When your insurance processes the claim, we will make the appropriate adjustments. You are responsible for any copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, and non covered services. Your copayments are due at the time services are rendered.

As a rule, we verify all benefits at the time of your appointment.   In some cases this is nota possible. It is ultimately your responsibility to make sure we are a Contracted provider, know what your benefits are, and attest that your insurance is  active and in effect.  A valid insurance information is mandatory to verify and bill insurance. It is the responsibility of the patient to obtain any needed insurance referrals. In the event your insurance claim is denied you will be responsible for the services rendered.

Financial Information

We accept cash, debit card, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and in some cases, personal checks. There will be a $35.00 charge for any and all returned checks.

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